Monday, 27 July 2009

Tone - the holy grail

OK, so we know that videos have been a bit sparse over the past week - we are working on it and should have some new footage to put up soon. Guitars are coming along swimmingly now. We had a few issues at the start but we cracked it and are ploughing through the tracks. We have started spreading the bass around a bit and its all sounding lush.

Our days begin with a bit of Friends with brekkie and ends with more Friends, food and whatever dire movie happens to be on freeview. The Wii has made a comeback too, with me kicking Eds ass at Wii golf - what a dooshbag! We seem to be in a freakish area of absolutely no O2 mobile reception here, so contact with the outside world is difficult - luckily wifi is saving the day.

We had some good friends come over on saturday to do some vocal stuff for one of the tracks. I am sure there will be more on this and a bit of footage in the next vid. But thanks to the Rinoa gents and Leo from Tetters for their expert vocal talents.

So another few days left for me until I head back to London and quite a bit still to do so a busy 2 days ahead, but also a few more wicked sic meals cooked by Eds mum - ftw!


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  1. Anytime guys, you know where i am lol :) Leo