Friday, 31 July 2009

End of Term

Hi campers, sorry for the lack of updates this week, its been a busy one! But the good news is that all the bass and main guitars are DONE :)

tuesday/wednesday was mostly laying down some lovely clean guitars with ed's gordon smith and a bit of ehx holy grail, proper job, before richard departed on wednesday night. Since then jonny's been going nuts adding some overdubs in the dark on his tod, ed's been popping in for aftenoon tea and to sing a bit here and there and i've been finshing off the bass. wrapped up today with 'piano' (working title, no prizes for guessing why we called it that, given our taste for stating the obvious. other tracks include 'obamageddon'. serial.) and 'baroque', which is currently the album closer and an absolute beast (although our definition of baroque might differ somewhat from the orthodox)

so we've built up the bones, organs, nervous system and muscles of our brand new baby and we're just waiting for the skin, some freckles and a bit of belly fuzz. simples.

we're now having a short break while jonny starts tracking some tunes for our best buddies rinoa (no rest for the wikkid) and reconvening throughout august to finish this motherbitch off!

hope you're all doing well, don't forget about us!

Iain et al.


  1. I'm so excited about the new songs.
    ...and I know, it will be just fine.:)