Wednesday, 22 July 2009

and so it continues...

second day of 'tracking' bass today, first three tunes down now! not too much to report, just heads down, consummate professionalism, as you have grown to expect from us...

spent a good while trying to get our heads around a samba rhythm that some bastard had decided to write into one of the tracks. song is utter mayhem but all the better for it. finished off the day with some tasty riffs. fairly into our stride now so hopefully tomorrow will be a productive one, once jonny is back from picking up a tele we're borrowing (think lamb of god meets the la's. not that any of the new songs sound anything like that, but just IMAGINE. carnage.)

had the pleasure of keeping richard amused for the night as edward is off in guilford. evening very well spent playing a Peruvian dice based bluffing game and watching charlie brooker be angry on telly.

¡hasta maƱana!

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