Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Today Iain got up nice and early and got himself over the studio, he trotted his way through some bass! So far everything is sounding huge, everyone says that though like they'd say otherwise. So far the record is sounding really weak, flat and boring, half as heavy as before and and 5 times lamer.

While Iain was doing this I was in the car driving home from guildford, my girlfriend bought me some white chocolate mice, which I love, but I can't eat them until vocals are done, they will be a celebratory snack / overeat. Got to put down some more vocals today which I was really happy with, and now I am watching big trouble in little china. bosh.


also fyi, I have been informed that hope is a rip off of a 65 days of static song, we are both british and both played guilfest last year, so we MUST have ripped it off....

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  1. speaking of rip offs (but not really)... have you heard the song "To Satellite" by Lower Definition?
    hear it here:
    especially, check out around 3:25 and from then on... i swear it sounds just like "Between Two Words." anyways, best luck with the recording.