Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Devil Sold His Soul Announce New Bassist!

At the end of 2010, we parted ways with our bassist (and brother), Iain Trotter. Iain has decided that he wants to pursue a career outside of music and although he loved being a part of Devil Sold His Soul (he was with us from the start), he felt that this was the right time to bow out gracefully and follow a new path in his life.

Iain says, "Sadly I have left the boys in order to go and do other geeky career things. I still love everything about the band and everyone involved with it but felt it was a good time to bow out and go and do something different. They are now in the capable hands of our wonderfully hairy friend Jozef and are primed to make 2011 their biggest year yet, starting tomorrow! I hope this next chapter is even more successful and fun than those that I shared with them. x"

Having been with us from the start, Iain has been a huge part of this band and everything we've ever recorded to date and without him we wouldn't have gotten to where we are today. We know that it wasn't an easy decision for him to make and although we are upset to see him go, we really respect his decision and wish him the very best for the future. We'd like to say THANK YOU IAIN, we'll miss you Rumble!

But, as we all know, with every ending there is a new beginning, and we are extremely happy to announce that we have a new bassist. Jozef Norocky (formerly of the band - Rinoa) has become our new permanent bassist and we couldn't be happier to welcome him into the DSHS family.

We've known Jozef for ages and it seems that the timing was right for him to come into the band. He shares the same musical outlook and ambitions and, flatteringly for us, he is a fan of the band and the music. We can't wait to start writing the next chapter of Devil Sold His Soul with him on board. We promise it is going to be very special indeed...

So, come and welcome Jozef into the band on our UK headline tour that starts Jan 27th - Feb 19th. We'll be waiting for you!

Rick, Jonny, Leks, Ed, Paul and Jozef


  1. YES!!!!!!!!

    Can't to see you guys in Feb. Looking forward to see Jozef tear up that stage!

  2. Safe! Hope he can grow a good beard! See you soon boys!

  3. See you guys on Friday night :)
    Bye bye Iain :( gonna miss you rockin out with your sweat headband :P x

  4. And awesome red dwarf tshirt :(