Monday, 7 September 2009

And so summer turns to autumn...

So, as you may have noticed, things got a bit quiet here during august. Some of us have been away with family and friends and now we're back with fresh ears and plenty of energy to finish the album. Having a break has been awesome, but it hasnt been all play and no work, we did manage to get a couple of shows in which were all awesome - so thanks to everyone who came to GUILFEST, NOISEFEST and OFFSET FESTIVAL this summer to catch us. All the shows were incredible and muchos fun was had.

And so back to business. This week I will be heading back to the studio to finish off guitars with Jonny. Ed will be finishing off vocals too and then we'll be sprinkling the samples and funny noises on top. We really cant wait for you all to hear this stuff, but we will be putting up some more vids before we're done here in the studio.

If anyone has any photos/vids form any of the shows over the summer, we'd love to see them. Send them over to:

be good and if you can't be good, be bad baby!
Rick x

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